Mak Grgic

Grgic has quickly established himself as one of the up-and-coming performers in the guitar genre, who programs music as far reaching as works from the avant-garde, film music to the great classics of guitar repertoire and transcriptions of Brahms and Kreisler.


An insight into thematic programming…

FretX Duo

@Daniel Lippel, guitarist of ICE International Contemporary Ensemble. Contemporary guitar duo FretX (Dan Lippel and Mak Grgic) is dedicated to the wide range of dynamic repertoire that exists and is coming into existence for their combination.

Duo Deloro

@Adam Del Monte, flamenco guitarist. In a new and exciting collaboration, guitarists Adam del Monte and Mak Grgic team up for a fresh and spontaneous duo, with their program "La Buena Vida", taking you on a journey through Latin American and Spanish landscapes. Brand new arrangements of Guastavino, Granados, Albeniz, traditional Argentinian Tangos and original flamenco compositions by Adam del Monte, cast a renewed spirit into the world of the guitar duo expressed through two dynamic artists, each with their own voice.

The Ligeti Project

FretX and composer Anderson Alden team up on a project to create a new insight on Ligeti's iconic Piano Etudes. This Project will be an ongoing creative effort, where sets of guitar arrangements will be written of Etudes II, IV, V, VII, VIII, X, XI, and XIII, workshopped with FretX in LA and paired with Alden’s original compositions, drawing inspiration from Ligeti, Javanese Gamelan, and American rock and folk music.

Cinema Verismo

This program takes a listener down memory lane of favorite cinema from the past few decades. By offering originals or adaptations of music featured in famous films such as The Deerhunter, Raging Bull, The Godfather, Chariots of Fire, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and many others, the soothing sounds of the guitar will evoke your fondest memories.

    •       L. Bernstein: Somewhere and Tonight from West Side Story

    •       E. Granados: Danza Espagnola No. 5 from Almodovar’s Kika

    •       I. Albeniz: Asturias from Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona

    •       N. Rota: The Godfather’s Waltz from The Godfather

    •       T. Albinoni: Adagio in G Minor from Gallipoli

    •       E. Morricone: Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission

    •       J.S. Bach: Chaconne from The Beast with Five Fingers


Note: Played in darkness

A popular word for the ages old repertoire, bringing forth pinnacle works of once labelled »pop artists«. Dowland, Isaac and the likes are coupled with the monumental compositional tour-de-force, the only work written for solo guitar by the British witty genius Benjamin Britten. The infamous Nocturnal is a reverse set of variations concluding on the theme – Come, Heavy Sleep by John Dowland.

•       J. Dowland: Lachrimae Pavan

•       H. Isaac: Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen, Textless carmen, La Morra

•       J. H. Kapsberger: Toccata No. 6 & Gagliarda No.5

•       F. Da Milano: Fantasias & Ricercares

•       B. Britten: Nocturnal after John Dowland, op.70


A program of early music in historic temperaments and new music of ethnic origin.  This exciting adventure features microtonal re-tunings of classically fretted guitar and re-fretted guitars in music ranging from spectral to world-music.

    •       S. L. Weiss: Entrée

    •       Georgi Dimitrov: Sub Rosa (2015)

    •       Francesco da Milano: Fantasias & Ricercars

    •       Hakki Cengiz Eren: Three Portals (2014)

    •       Anderson Alden: Ayak-Ayakan (2016)

    •       John Schneider: Lament and Fugato

    •       Johann Sebastian Bach: Chaconne, BWV 1004


Perhaps one of the most exciting musical cultures, music from the Balkans breathes richness and irregularity in rhythm and phrasing. Mak’s heritage from the Balkans gave inspiration for Balkanisms, a program full of rich folk inspired writing and contemporary outlook at music from Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

•       Boris Papandopulo: Three Croatian Dances

•       Nina Senk: Twisted

•       Miroslav Tadic: 5 Macedonian Pieces

•       Vojislav Ivanovic: Cafe Pieces

•       Dusan Bogdanovic: Levantine Suite

•       Lazar Ostojic: Stairway to Balkans


This program is dedicated to the composers who have set the course of music over the past centuries. It is a testimonial that even in it’s minimal sense of soundscape, the guitar is an instrument well fitted to showcase many of the musical tour-de-forces.

•       J.S. Bach: Chaconne

•       J.Brahms: Intermezzi op. 117 & 118

•       W. A.Mozart: Rondo Alla Turca

•       F. Schubert: Schwanengesang, D. 957

•       J. Rodrigo: Entre Olivares, Zarabanda Lejana, Toccata, Tres Piezas Espagnolas

•       M. De Falla: Danza del Molinero, Homenaje, La Vida Breve

Fin de Siecle

Paris Conservatory at the turn of the century was one of the strongest and most prestigious music establishments in the world. Its faculty procured famed students such as Debussy, Ravel, De Falla, Albeniz and many more, who fused the music of Spain and France and created styles that were abundantly more colorful and vibrant than any till then. Fin de Siecle, a program of works by such composers, gives the guitar a chance to shine as an instrument of color and gorgeous soundscapes.

    •       M. De Falla: Danza del Molinero, Homenaje, La Vida Breve

    •       J. Rodrigo: Invocation and Dance, Toccata, Tres Piezas Espagnolas

    •       M. Ravel: Pavane pour une infante defunte

    •       C. Debussy: Arabesque No. 1, The Girl With Flaxen Hair

    •       I. Albeniz: Granada, Sevilla, Asturias

    •       E. Granados: Danzas Espagnolas