Mak Grgic

Grgic has quickly established himself as one of the up-and-coming performers in the guitar genre, who programs music as far reaching as works from the avant-garde, film music to the great classics of guitar repertoire and transcriptions of Brahms and Kreisler.


Coming soon: Balkanisms

Mak Grgic is currently focusing on his new album Balkanisms.

Perhaps one of the most exciting musical cultures, music from the Balkans breathes richness and irregularity in rhythm and phrasing. Mak's heritage from the Balkans gave inspiration for Balkanisms, a program full of rich folk inspired writing and contemporary outlook at music from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

Balkanisms will be created in collaboration with Naxos and recorded at National Radio Slovenia.

    •       Boris Papandopulo: Three Croatian Dances

    •       Miroslav Tadic: Jovka, Chicho & Three Balkan Pieces

    •       Vojislav Ivanovic: Cafe Pieces

    •       Dusan Bogdanovic: Levantine Suite

    •       Lazar Ostojic: Stairway to Balkans