Mak Grgic

Grgic has quickly established himself as one of the up-and-coming performers in the guitar genre, who programs music as far reaching as works from the avant-garde, film music to the great classics of guitar repertoire and transcriptions of Brahms and Kreisler.


EUROSTRINGS: Developing European Guitar Festival Collaborative

Since November 2017 Mak Grgić is active as an artistic director of EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative, the first European platform in classical guitar, gathering 14 guitar festivals across Europe. 

EuroStrings, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, creates a hub of international opportunities for emerging guitar players, provides educational and training programs that will foster the professional development of guitarists, and develops trends for sustainability of festivals in the field of classical music.

As Grgić explains “EuroStrings was an idea born out of a need for the light at the end of a tunnel. A plethora of festivals for classical guitar world-wide, equally many young fabulous virtuosos on the instrument, but yet lots of holes in a thing called 'performance art'. My hope is that through the set program/guidelines for the EuroStrings platform, the member guitar festivals and young artists will understand the necessity for better self-assessment, comprehending market values, education beyond skillful fingers, need for audience development and much more. The question that we are hoping to answer is 'how to bring the classical guitar to the next level' and I sincerely believe that EuroStrings, with its activities, could add some 'art' to 'performance' and help reestablish the instrument amongst wider audiences.” 

In next four years as an artistic director, Grgić will focus on forging viable classical guitar festival sector and on establishing active programs that will stimulate the professional developments of young guitarists. He will particularly be involved in the curation of EuroStrings Young Stars exchange programme, which will strongly support the circulation of emerging talents among EuroStrings Guitar Festivals offering the winners of those festival’s international competitions opportunity to reach international audiences and to give them possibilities to work transnationally and access new markets.