Mak Grgic

Grgic has quickly established himself as one of the up-and-coming performers in the guitar genre, who programs music as far reaching as works from the avant-garde, film music to the great classics of guitar repertoire and transcriptions of Brahms and Kreisler.


Naxos Release: La Buena Vida by Duo Deloro

Dear guitar aficionados!

Exciting news from Hungary.

A Naxos Music release of the Duo Deloro debut CD is finally out! La Buena Vida is a contemplation on the good sides of life - those that are often overlooked - as Adam Del Monte, flamenco phenom, and myself explore the borders between classical and original flamenco compositions. This has been a two year project and we are happy to see it come to a positive end.

The Album is available on Spotify, Naxos Music Online, Amazon and many more. Send us a note for a signed copy!

Happy listening.

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My First Visit of South America

What a wonderful way to inaugurate my first visit of South America. In a family-like gathering in the divine place below clear skies called #Valparaíso, I was privileged to be a part of the first-ever-to-be-continued Guitar Camp organized with a kind smile and endless effortlessness by Manuel Alejandro Olivares Vera. I was happy to rekindle my respect for Carlos Pérez, one that started a loooooong time ago when Carlos won FORUM GITARRE WIEN and I was just a little person. It also allowed me to ignite new respects - Esteban Espinoza: you are simply great. Thanks to all of the students for letting me share my hopeful view of our musical world. Como una familia.


Guitar Camp 2018 - Valparaíso, Chile

In a couple of weeks I am going to Chile for the first time in my career! Besides performing I will also have the honour to be a mentor at the Guitar Camp 2018 - Valparaíso. This event has several objectives, among which are to publicize the work of EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative to generate social links around the teaching and fraternity that the circumstances allow. It will be a very special instance in which students will receive a series of artistic, intellectual and logistical benefits. 

You can check out more information about the Guitar Camp and sign up at the following links ... Join us!…/15/guitar-camp-2018-valparais…/

Radio presentation:

Enjoy MAKrotonal teaser featuring music by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Students Thrive at Elemental Music in Santa Monica

I am very thankful to run a program called Elemental Guitar at Elemental Music in Santa Monica, through which I teach kids how to play in a guitar ensemble.

Throughout the year, students learn a variety of exciting ensemble pieces specifically designed to accommodate a range of playing abilities.

It is a unique opportunity for young guitarists to collaborate, come together, and learn music with friends. Because children are the ones who carry the talent further …

The teachers foster a sense of joy in music-making in a fun social setting. The program inspires a love of music.

You can read more at the following link:


K.D. Lang's North American Ingénue Redux Tour @ The Opening Act

We are thrilled to announce that Mak Grgic will join K.D. Lang on her North American Ingénue Redux Tour as the opening act on all dates (check out and The tour is in celebration of the 25th anniversary of her Grammy-award winning, critically acclaimed album 'Ingénue', which will bring a live performance of the platinum-selling record to venues across the United States. 

Mak’s latest recordings, Balkanisms for Naxos Music and MAKrotonal for MicroFest Records, an album produced by the Grammy Award winning producer John Schneider, explore a vast repertoire spanning ethnic music, microtonal newly-composed music and early music on re-fretted instruments.

Tickets for the tour are currently on sale at

It is going to be good, you really do not want to miss that!

Review of MAKrotonal

The new album MAKrotonal features early music in historic temperaments and new music of ethnic origin. The album deals with microtonal re-tunings of classically fretted guitar and re-fretted guitars in music ranging from spectral to world-music. It also premieres newly commissioned works that explore notes that have never been heard on the guitar before.

MAKrotonal was created in collaboration with John Schneider, Grammy Award winning musician and Scott Fraser, producer and engineer extraordinaire for Kronos Quartet.

We are delighted to share a very good review of the new album (


Mak Grgic’s Microtonal Guitar Recital

Review by: Jed Distler (Classics Today)


As far as recordings go, guitarist Mak Grgic seems to wear several hats; his Cinema Verismo, for example, was a carefully thought out and artfully executed “crossover” program devoted to music from the movies. On the other hand, the four substantial compositions included in the present release testify to Grgic’s passion for contemporary classical music.

Grgic mostly intersperses these pieces with ravishingly interpreted short pieces by Renaissance lutenist/composer Francesco da Milano, and concludes his program with the Bach D minor Chaconne in Andres Segovia’s classic 1935 transcription. Grgic features five different guitars throughout the recital, employing different temperaments from work to work, just in case you think he forgot to tune up! Grgic’s excellent booklet notes both identify and spell out the specifics for each tuning.

On to the music: Georgi Dimitrov’s Sub Rosa begins with a leisurely movement laced with sparse lyrical lines and strategic harmonics. The second movement is quicker, gaunter, and more angular, yet ultimately falls back into gentle lyricism and a soft concluding G major chord. Alternating slow and fast movements comprise Sean Hayward’s Through the Fog. Its attractions include some lovely microtonal ostinatos, single-line toccata-like passages in uneven meter, and flamenco-inspired strumming. John Schneider’s Prelude & Fugato is methodical and well made…The textural and dynamic contrasts throughout Hakki Cengiz Eren’s Three Portals hold sustained interest, especially in the final piece’s brash dissonant dyads and tension-filled silences. The Bach stands out for Grgic’s fluid tempo relationships, plus his ability to shape melodic and harmonic strands in clear and colorful perspective. In short, a stimulating program that ought to attract listeners beyond just guitar specialists and temperament mavens.

Coming soon: Balkanisms

Mak Grgic is currently focusing on his new album Balkanisms.

Perhaps one of the most exciting musical cultures, music from the Balkans breathes richness and irregularity in rhythm and phrasing. Mak's heritage from the Balkans gave inspiration for Balkanisms, a program full of rich folk inspired writing and contemporary outlook at music from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

Balkanisms will be created in collaboration with Naxos and recorded at National Radio Slovenia.

    •       Miroslav Tadic: Jovka, Chicho, Macedonian Girl, Rustemul & Walk Dance

    •       Dusan Bogdanovic: Levantine Suite

    •       Boris Papandopulo: Three Croatian Dances

    •       Vojislav Ivanovic: Café Pieces

    •       Lazar Ostojic: Stairway to Balkans

EUROSTRINGS: Young Stars and Scholarship Programme

EuroStrings creates a hub of international opportunities for winners of International Competitions of EuroStrings Festivals through Young Stars exchange programme like concert tours, educational and training programs fostering the professional development of emerging guitarists offering them an opportunity to reach international audiences and access new markets.

The Young Stars will also be encouraged to challenge themselves and compete in the annual EuroStrings Competition, having chances to win prizes that will enable them to develop a world-wide career.

To acknowledge the financial situation of many young guitar players and to support their international education, EuroStrings has developed an annual scholarship programme for students from lower income back grounds. This scholarship will enable 14 young guitarists each year to participate in international guitar competitions and masterclasses at 14 EuroStrings Festivals. The open call for the scholarship will be launched on EuroStrings website couple times from March 2018.

The EuroStrings Platform is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union in period of 2017 - 2021.

Music school Bonar that organises Zagreb Guitar Festival (CRO) is the leader of the Platform that currently involves 13 members:

— Sociedade Musical de Guimarães - Festival lnternacional de Guitarra de Guimarães (POR),

— Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust (AT),

— SZÓ-TÉR Egyesület - Szeged Guitar Festival (HUN),

— Guitar Association of BiH - Sarajevo International Guitar Festival (BiH),

— Twents Gitaar Festival (NL),

— Montenegrin Music Center - Nikšić Guitar Festival (MNE),

— Tampere Guitar Festival (FIN),

— Sdruzhenie "Fusion Way" - Sofia GuitArt Festival (BUG),

— Tallinn Guitar Festival (EST),

— Associazione M. & C. Accademia Della Chitarra - International Guitar Festival Mottola (ITA),

— Pima Asociación De Guitarra Clásica - International Guitar Festival José Tomás Villa De Petrer (ESP),

— Gitarrenkreis Nuertingen - International Guitar Festival Nuertingen (GER),

— International Guitar Foundation - London Guitar Festival (UK).


EUROSTRINGS Young Stars 2017/2018


Nicola Montella ltaly, Niklas Johansen Denmark, Dominik Carević Croatia, Péter Girán Hungary, Vedran Vujica BiH, Dmytro Omelchak Ukraine, Antoine Moriniere France, Antero Pellikka Finland, Boyan Boychev Bulgaria, Andrea Roberto ltaly, Domenico Savio Mottola ltaly, Raphael Feuillatre France, Giovanni Tomasi ltaly, Jesse Flowers Australia/Germany, Giacomo Susani ltaly.

EuroStrings Young Stars are winners or holders of other award of international competitions of EuroStrings Festivals. Each year a new group of Young Stars will be offered a concert tour to different EuroStrings Festivals.

They will be also given an opportunity to compete on EuroStrings annual competition. The winner will get 5000€ prize and will be offered one or more concerts in the US organised by the Guitar Foundation of America, and in China organised by Altamira Guitar Foundation and Opus 119.

The first edition of EuroStrings Competition will take place in Zagreb, 8th April, during Zagreb Guitar Festival.

EuroStrings Platform is looking forward to expand with new members in the upcoming years (

EUROSTRINGS: Developing European Guitar Festival Collaborative

Since November 2017 Mak Grgić is active as an artistic director of EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative, the first European platform in classical guitar, gathering 14 guitar festivals across Europe. 

EuroStrings, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, creates a hub of international opportunities for emerging guitar players, provides educational and training programs that will foster the professional development of guitarists, and develops trends for sustainability of festivals in the field of classical music.

As Grgić explains “EuroStrings was an idea born out of a need for the light at the end of a tunnel. A plethora of festivals for classical guitar world-wide, equally many young fabulous virtuosos on the instrument, but yet lots of holes in a thing called 'performance art'. My hope is that through the set program/guidelines for the EuroStrings platform, the member guitar festivals and young artists will understand the necessity for better self-assessment, comprehending market values, education beyond skillful fingers, need for audience development and much more. The question that we are hoping to answer is 'how to bring the classical guitar to the next level' and I sincerely believe that EuroStrings, with its activities, could add some 'art' to 'performance' and help reestablish the instrument amongst wider audiences.” 

In next four years as an artistic director, Grgić will focus on forging viable classical guitar festival sector and on establishing active programs that will stimulate the professional developments of young guitarists. He will particularly be involved in the curation of EuroStrings Young Stars exchange programme, which will strongly support the circulation of emerging talents among EuroStrings Guitar Festivals offering the winners of those festival’s international competitions opportunity to reach international audiences and to give them possibilities to work transnationally and access new markets. 


Duo Deloro CD Debut

After a year of lively collaboration, Duo Deloro, formed by guitarists Adam del Monte and Mak Grgic, has released its first album.

Offering a wide array of styles and flavors, the album invites you to re-discover Latin American and Spanish landscapes and enjoy brand new arrangements of Guastavino, Granados, Albeniz, traditional Argentinian Tangos and original flamenco compositions by Adam del Monte.

Merging Monte’s progressiveness and Grgic’s versatility, this collection creates a dynamic panorama of renewed classics. This debut album offers a perfect counterbalance of different styles and musical landscapes.

Coming soon: MAKrotonal

Mak Grgic is currently focusing on his new album MAKrotonal.

MAKrotonal will be created in collaboration with John Schneider, Grammy Awards winning musician and Scott Fraser, producer and engineer extraordinaire for Kronos Quartet.

This exciting adventure will feature microtonal re-tunings of classically fretted guitar and re-fretted guitars in music ranging from spectral to world-music.